Monthly Archives: February 2015

The day after the news story broke that Michael’s thought

they might have been hacked when Target was I realized there had been one under $5 debit from a debit card at Michael’s. I found which family member had done it and then called our bank to tell them we had and we would need a new card.

The bank told me they had not been notified of any such threat and unless I wanted to pay a new card, possibly new account set-up fee they weren’t planning on doing anything about it. HUH? I got the person’s name and extension and then went higher up the chain. Nope, unless they were officially notified by Michael’s they were not going to foot the expense for the number change out. That until they were notified officially they were under no obligation to do so. I told them I was notifying them and it was all over the news. No deal

I opted to do the expense myself, better safe than sorry. Telling them I had made a record that I had officially notified them of the possible problem. Yesterday I received notice that Michael’s had officially notifying them now and they would be refunding my fees I paid. Well duhhhh! Luckily no charges had been made between the time I notified them and the new card replacement.