Monthly Archives: June 2015

It is really surprising how “difficult” it is to pay something completely off

I called the 2nd cheetah this morning; they’re the ones who told me last month they would make a deal on late fees and they’re the ones I HAVE to pay off this month (interest free CC until Feb 20).

SO I went to pay them off this morning, and they go “well, FIRST your account has to get current ($178 pmt), THEN you can call back in 48 hours and we’ll waive some fees, THEN you can pay if off it you want.”

What the heck?

Grrr…so as much as I want to pay off a bunch RIGHT NOW…I am going to be patient and wait another 48 hours. They waived 1 late fee right then ($35) but the possibility of them waiving another $70-100 worth, is worth the wait. I don’t wait to pay other stuff off and then find out I don’t have enough to pay this guy off, so I am putting it all on hold for 48 hours.