Husband signs the mortgage modification final paperwork today!

Which means that our interest rate on our loan (well, our biggest one) is locked in at 5%. After a year of fighting with Chase and sending paperwork upon paperwork over and over…and a recent quick check to confirm with them that what we submitted is correct (we were told early on that my income wouldn’t count, but before we signed on the dotted line, wanted official confirmation of that so we weren’t doing anything incorrectly since this is a legal document!).. ..we’ re finally here!
In other great news, we’re only about $10,000 away from what we owe in terms of value. (much better than the $80,000 we were off at the bottom of the market) I think the market has pretty much peaked for a while, so now it’s just to get our principle down so we can re-finance into a better rate and 15 year in the years to come.
Of course, now that I’m feeling stable and on a great path, my husband’ s work is talking to him about the possibility of a job out of state. It’s more money, but I carry the benefits for us, and he has major health issues. It’s all a little terrifying — I’d love for him to be able to take his career further to what it wants to be, but I’m afraid on whether we’d be able to make it all work financially. He’s fine if it doesn’t work out, but I’d hate to give his job the message that he’s not willing to do what he needs to do to succeed.