Mortgage is my only debt

So last month I wrote about my interest in knocking down my mortgage in addition to other obligations. I aggressively decided to pay an additional $1000 per month (beyond my normal payments) and be accountable to this group. I’m pleased to say that I exceeded my goal.

My mortgage balance last month was $161,840.96 and it currently sits at $157,150.34, $3,759.18 of which was above and beyond principal. I will not always be able to make that much extra payments, but I had some serendipitous funds come in, so I threw them at the mortgage.

So, I’ve been saving for awhile now to take a special trip with my kids and sister. We’re doing an 11-day trip (that includes 2 travel days) to London, Paris, and Rome. I’ve budgeted enough money for food and miscellaneous expenses. If I’m frugal and underspend, I will have additional money for next month’s principal payments.

I’ve been on furlough for nearly two weeks, but it looks like they’re coming to an agreement this week, so when I come back from vacation, I should actually go back to work! I’ll miss one full paycheck, I believe, but I have that covered. Life is good. 🙂